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Attendance Policies


Regular, punctual attendance and preparation for class are expected of all students and are directly related to success. This level of expectation is primarily the responsibility of students and parents. The school will support the efforts of parents and students in establishing positive behaviours.

  • Preapproved by the Administration, school-directed field trips and curriculum-related activities will be identified as school-related absences on a student's attendance file.
  • Requests to sanction absences due to provincial or national competitions, religious ceremonies, and medical situations should be directed to an Administrator. They will be reviewed on an individual basis of need.

An automated phone system contacts the home in the evening daily when a student has missed a class. If you are unaware of the absence, you should speak to your child and contact the school if you want follow-up action.


Parents/guardians must notify the school with a brief message at 780.568.3642 or [email protected] to report all absences.


Teachers generally contact parents if students have missed 10 or more classes without a reasonable explanation. A teacher may refer attendance concerns to a Counsellor or an Administrator if necessary.


Parents are encouraged to sign up for PowerSchool.


The SSS attendance policy is in concurrence with the Alberta Education Act and is summarized as follows:

  • Students will attend classes regularly.
  • Absent students must have parents contact the school to explain the absence (telephone, email).
  • Student absences due to medical reasons may be excused with medical documentation.
  • Students are responsible for the class material missed and will be required to make up assignments or tests as needed.
Excusable Absences:
According to the Alberta Education Act, the only excusable absences are those related to the student’s health (with a healthcare professional’s letter or certificate), religious holidays, school field trips, and suspensions from school. The school recognizes that students may be absent for other legitimate reasons. Excusable absences beyond those stated will be at the discretion of the principal.
Truancy (skipping):
After a truancy, the parent may be contacted by telephone or letter. Discussion of the situation will take place, and consequences may be issued as follows:
  • The first offence may result in lunchtime detentions equivalent to the class time missed and/or a letter of warning sent home.
  • The second offence may result in a suspension of up to five days. Administrators will request that the parents accompany the student when they return from suspension to meet with the school administration. A contract will be signed to guide future behaviour at the school.
  • The third offence will result in a meeting with the student, parent/guardian, and school administrator to discuss the student’s enrollment status. A decision will be made regarding the status of the student and a possible alternate education program. Failure to comply may result in a recommendation for expulsion. Truancies will be tracked cumulatively for the entire school year.
Tardiness/Punctuality Policy:
Students must be on time for class and seated before the bell. Three lates count as one absence in terms of the SSS attendance policy. Consequences of repeatedly being late may include communication with parents outlining the concerns, parent conferences, suspension from school, and/or removal from the course.
Parental Responsibility for Student Attendance:
Parents/guardians have the primary responsibility to ensure that a student attends regularly and is punctual. They have the primary responsibility to monitor attendance and impose consequences. Parents are encouraged to have high expectations for attendance and to resist excusing students for anything other than those reasons deemed excusable by the School Act.


/ Sign-Out:

Students who arrive late or need to leave school at some point during the day are requested to sign in/out at the school office. This information may be critical in case of an emergency and may also be an essential reference when verifying attendance. These absences, however, are not automatically excused. Parent consent through a phone call or e-mail must also be received.


Student Absence during the School Year:

Parents/guardians sometimes choose to take students out of school for extended periods such as vacations, visits to relatives, assistance to the family, and so on. In such situations, parents/guardians must accept responsibility for the detrimental academic effects of the absence. Regular class attendance is important to achievement. If an absence is planned during the school year, the student or parent should let the school administration and the various subject teachers know well before the absence. The teacher is not obligated to provide work in advance for a student for any reason. Students are responsible for making up the work missed within a reasonable time upon their return.


Please note that in virtually all situations, significant absences will have a detrimental effect on achievement.